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Knight Star

Kiddie rides

  • Knight Star
  • Knight Star
  • Knight Star

Product parameter

  • SIZE:1280*2100*2255 mm
  • SCREEN:42 inch
  • VOLTAGE:220V
  • POWER:400W
  • CATEGORY:Kiddie rides
  • Knight Star
  • Knight Star
  • Knight Star
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Coin Operated Horse Kiddie Ride - Star Knight

《Star Knight》is a horse racing kiddie ride which Funshare face to the customer between 3-12 years old. 《Star Knight》’s motor inside will adjust the speed as the game process . the players need to shape the role to control and speed up. Also can have a multi player by link up each cabinet.

kiddie rides.jpg




Machine characteristics:

1. Shaking horse, competition horse saddle.

2. Multi player competition, max 4 player in one game play.

3. Ticket tools, ranking system, more tickets in a high ranking.

4. 42’screen, 2 game scenery, 4 rope to choice


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